Tree Surgery

All aspects of tree care undertaken. We have many years of experience in arboriculture.
This is where safety comes first. Our professional qualified tree surgeons can assist you with the following;

Felling / Cutting

Cutting down a tree requires the skills of a tree surgeon. The technique requires careful removal of branches, gradually lowering the timber without damaging the surrounding area of plants and shrubs below, and ensuring that the area is made safe during the process.

Removing Branches

If a branch is weak, broken or dangerous it should be removed or it may be to higher the canopy, as to allow other plants to flourish.

Thinning of Crown

Crown thinning is a job for the experts and at Garden-Force we have the knowledge and expertise. By removing a proportion of secondary live branches from a tree, without altering the overall shape, it will create an even density of foliage and thus, reduce shading.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the removal of lower tree branches to allow for more space underneath the tree, regularly undertaken to allow more light to the area. Expert knowledge is required, to ensure that the correct branches are selected for removal, as incorrect selection could harm the longevity of the tree.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction consists of removing branch‐ends at the crown of the tree without spoiling its natural shape.

Fruit Tree Pruning

As you may already know a healthy tree with plenty of fruit, is one that has had necessary pruning right from the beginning of its establishment.

Stump Grinding

We have stump grinding machines that can be used in most conditions. This will grind away the stump below the ground so it’s no longer seen.

Tree Preservation Orders

TPO is a legislative act for the protection of ancient trees and woodlands. All Planning Acts have included the protection of trees since 1932. It is an offence to remove any part of a tree that is subject to a Tree Preservation Order. Planning consent must be obtained from the local council before the commencement of any tree work.

Conservation Areas

Conservation areas are designated areas of historic or architectural interest. Trees are included and therefore protected under this Conservation legislation. The Local Council must be informed prior to any tree works, whereby they have 6 weeks to respond to your application, if they fail to respond you are legally entitled to commence work as planned.