Baskets and Troughs

If you are deciding to make your premises look more attractive with Exterior plants, then look no further. It is proven that Baskets and Troughs make a big difference when it comes to improving the looks to your property. The exterior of the building usually decides if customers walk in or walk away.

Winter Hanging Baskets

Troughs and baskets are not just for the Summer. We can also make your premises look bright and colourful throughout the winter by using Winter plants such as Panzies, Chrasamthiums, Siclamins and many other different types.

Summer Hanging Baskets

Our award winning Summer displays have been very eye-catching to the public. There’s nothing better than driving past an English pub and seeing a beautiful cluster of colour. We don’t just design and install Baskets and Troughs, we also install irrigation systems, if required. Our Summer baskets are usually made up of Bogonia’s, petunia’s, Bizzy Lizzies, Duraniums and may more.

Our aim is to provide our customers with Quality, to achieve this we make sure our plant suppliers are selected very carefully.

It is a known fact that Baskets and Troughs need to be well fed and watered otherwise if you forget about them for a few days it could end up in a disaster. This is why we also provide a maintenance program, this way you can leave it to the experts and forget about them.